The leader in Rerailing equipment for the last 50 years!

We invented the lighter weight, one pull system that saves labor and damage to your tracks.
They are made of the best steel ( armor) to give them strength, yet they are easy to handle.
When purchasing rerailers, specify only the original Burlington Rerailers for your rerailing difficulties.

"The first pull is the last pull"

Burlington Rerailers will not slip or kick out. These two things cost you many times more each year than all of your rerailers cost. The cost is excess lost time and damage to tracks and equipment.
Burlington Rerailers will save you money every time you use them, and for further savings use the Burlington Rerailers Truck Adjusters. You will not have to jack up a car or diesel if they are on the ties.

These products are our only representives.

There will be no salesman or manufacturing representative calling on you.
Our products are for rerailing railroad equipment, the safest, fastest, most efficient and economical way.

Beware of "LOOK A LIKES"

Only the original Burlington Rerailer will give you the reliability you deserve!